Thousands of
Profitable Businesses
Have For Sale Signs Up!!!

Purchase a business producing seven figures of cash flow without using your own money!
Yes, really...

Hey guys, Grant Cardone here…

Look, there's a new wave of businesses hitting the market thanks to a massive shift going on in the economy right now…

I’m talking about $10 trillion dollars worth of businesses -- many of which are super profitable businesses -- putting up for sale signs.

I’m talking about profitable businesses that are producing as much as seven figures a year in cash flow that go straight to the owner.

And now those owners are looking to sell to someone… maybe you.

Just look at this…

This listing is a full capability industrial equipment manufacturer making $1,000,000 a year in cash flow… UP FOR SALE!

Profitable Business For Sale

This is a listing for a hacking penetration company that did $1,797,783 in cash last year… UP FOR SALE!

Profitable Business For Sale

And this listing is for the world’s biggest linguistic data bank that just put up a for sale sign, making $2,000,000 a year in cash… UP FOR SALE!

Profitable Business For Sale

That is cold hard CASH going directly to the owner’s pockets… year after year.

And if you take over the company… that cash flow could be going into your pocket.

The good news is that there are thousands of companies out there like this… making serious money… looking for serious buyers.

And every day more and more are going on sale.

But the best part is… if you know how…

You can purchase profitable businesses like these without having to use any of your own money.

That’s ZERO money coming out of your pocket!

Sounds too good to be true I know… because it won’t ever happen for those who don’t know what they are doing.

This is only possible through  “OPM” or “other people’s money.”

And I’m not talking about a loan from a bank…

I’m talking about getting the owner of a profitable business to give you the keys to the company… and allowing you to pay off the business as time goes on… from the profits of the business!

It’s called “seller-financing”…

And if structured correctly you're able to pay the seller back with profits you make from the business you just took over.

All you need to know is where to look and how to secure the deal. Which is exactly what I want to show you.

Would You Rather Work 52 Weeks a Year Just to Earn a Salary That "Pays the Bills?" Or Would You Rather Make More Than 30X the Average American Income?

Break away from the average life. Be your own boss. Make your own hours. Get the freedom you've always wanted.

Grant Cardone

If you feel stuck, unhappy and find yourself constantly wanting more… Now is your chance to make a change.

Stop settling for an average job that pays an average salary, that provides you an average life.

You will never get there by sitting back wondering “What if?”... you need to take action.

And now is the best time possible to take action and capitalize on this amazing opportunity.

There are cash flowing businesses out there, profitable businesses.

Businesses that could easily earn 15% to 25% pretax margin while paying you a salary, the owner, between $100,000 and $250,000 annually…

With the potential to earn an additional 10% to 20% from profits….

It’s unprecedented and the opportunity’s massive.

"The Great Retirement"
Wave is Here

"Grant, why would these people want to sell a business that's profitable? "If the business is so good, why would they want to sell it? What's the catch?"

Profitable Business For Sale

There is no catch… and all of this is 100% real.

A massive wave of baby boomer owners, people in my age bracket, are getting out of their businesses and retiring in RECORD NUMBERS.

They are moving on to their golden years where they want to enjoy doing something other than work.

They are exhausted. Done with running their business.

Just think about it…

Baby boomers in their 60s, 70s… just got through a pandemic and now are about to go through a recession.

They are saying to themselves “We just want to go on cruises, enjoy our life.. This is killing me, I can’t keep doing this.”

Every single day 10,000 baby boomers are retiring….

Look at this surge, it’s undeniable…

Profitable Business For Sale

According to some estimates, baby boomers own more than 12 million small businesses, which accounts for $10 trillion in wealth.

All of this money is being transferred to those who can find it and secure it.

This is the first time ever we are seeing a “Great Retirement” wave at this scale.

A survey by Wilmington Trust shows that most of the boomers have no transition or succession plan… which means they’ll likely just have to sell their business or shut it down if they can’t find the right buyer.

And that right buyer could be you!

Using Our Proprietary Network That We Developed, We Are Able to Connect You to the Ideal Business That's Best for You.

Brandon Dawson and Grant Cardone

My partner Brandon Dawson and I created the perfect business buying platform. Our platform provides you with the expertise, credibility and access of Fortune 500 experience as well as operational experts.

For those of you who don’t know, Brandon Dawson is the co-founder of Cardone Ventures with me.

He’s a heavy hitter who’s an expert at buying businesses, and I partnered with him because I believe his strategies will help me become even more rich…

And now we want to share ALL of our resources with you.

Look, nobody knows you… why would anybody pay attention to you? Why would anyone send leads your way?

This is exactly what Brandon had to deal with and why he had to make hundreds of presentations to get the client, to get the right business deals…. because no one knew who he was. 

This is exactly why we created this network, so you don’t have to go through this same exact problem.

We did all the hard work for you.

This platform was designed to connect business owners that are looking to sell with potential buyers just like you!

We help you find “off the market” deals…

Deals that don’t show up in any Google search.

Deals that you don’t have to compete with every other acquisition entrepreneur to buy the business.

Deals that are amazing opportunities and secret to the rest of the acquisition world.

Deals that you can only find on our platform.

Let us show you the ripe sectors… the businesses that are making six figures and more in cash.

Businesses prime to boom due to the upcoming economic conditions.

Thousands are out there.

Outdoor retail companies making $2 million a year... 

Restaurant enterprises doing $3 million a year…

Medical testing labs doing over $11 million a year…

All out there and for sale. You just need to look in the right place.

Structure a Payment Deal Where You Spend $0 Out of Pocket to Buy The Business You Want

“Grant, how is this possible? Why would any business be willing to accept terms like this?”

It’s the best way to structure a business deal, known as seller financing.

This is not always possible (there are other strategies in that case that I still like) but in some cases you can pay for the business or at least a big chunk of it over time using the profits from the business you literally just bought.

And nothing comes out of your bank account.

Let’s say you find a business valued around $3 million.

The seller of the business could agree to finance that purchase in a way that you’ll pay them over the next five years with profits from that business, until you pay the full amount off and then ALL of the profits are yours.

Sounds crazy? It’s not. Thousands of businesses with seller financing options are out there.

Just like this one…

Profitable Business For Sale

Sellers are willing to accept offers like this because they have full trust in getting paid back.

They are getting paid back by the company that was just theirs… the company they built and know the profits it can produce.

They just need to have full trust in the buyer, and I will show you how to secure that trust…

You Don't Need to Know Anything About Owning a Business or Financing One

It’s all a mindset... thousands of people just like you have turned their lives around using this system. They started from nothing to making six figures, even millions. Hard work can outperform experience, do not be intimidated.

If you’re reading this you’re already a person with that right mindset.

You’re taking the steps necessary to better your future and get the freedom you want, to break away from those chains and the job you can’t stand.

Just like Oliver Fernandez, who was exactly where you are right now…

Oliver never considered buying a business until he learned the methodology.

Oliver Fernandez

Oliver is now one of the most successful mentees that we’ve had in our programs.

He recently acquired a flooring business with Brandon and my help.

Patrick took action, took the courses and now is making money from a business he acquired… and he doesn’t even run the business!

He has control of his future now, options and the freedom he’s been seeking his entire life.

It all started right here, where you are right now.

Buying a Business is the BEST Way to Put Your Money to Work

It’s time to take control of your financial future. Don’t Start a Business. Buy a Business!

Stock market
Buying a business

You may be someone who’s tried to play the stock market…

Someone who’s put in $5,000, $10,000… maybe even $30,000 into buying stocks and options.

Or maybe you’re someone who started their own business and put in $10,000, $20,000… $50,000 into building your dream company.

All in good efforts to get a return that grants you the freedom you’ve been looking for.

But let’s face it you wouldn’t be reading this right now if you made $100,000 from the stock market, or if that startup company you began is now worth $1 million.

You are here because that didn’t work, and you’re looking for another way. A better way.

Well, buying a business is that better way.

Unlike betting on stock or taking a gamble on a new startup… buying a profitable business minimizes risk and gives you absolute control of your investment.

Everything is already created.

You already have the employees there, the management there, branding, location… everything is already solidified.

Products, manufacturing… all done for you.

You walk in and the business is already making money. There is no guessing, no extra money or time being wasted.

You don't even have to run the business if you choose not to.

You could come in and find a key employee, make them general manager so they work their ass off while you sit back and collect a check.

And if everything goes right you can even flip the business and sell it for 10X its worth!

I Can Offer You the Future You've Always Wanted in Just Four Weeks... For a Special Offer of Just $995.

(That's more than $3,000 off the retail price!)

My partner Brandon and I are offering you this special offer because we want you to succeed. I want you to feel what I feel every morning when I wake up… the feeling of complete freedom and control.

I’m offering you all of the tools to make all of this possible for yourself.

All for just $995… the best $995 you’ll ever spend.

With this special offer my partner Brandon Dawson and I will show you how to have the business buying mindset for success, how to source deals…negotiate the best terms… secure a no money out of pocket offer…and take full ownership of the business.

All of this in a FIVE module, four week course.

PLUS bonus modules that show you how to scale your business, and acquisition resources.

Resources that include: scripts for business brokers, cold email script samples of NDAs and offer letters, cash flow calculators and much, much more.


After you go through the entire course, if you don't feel you learned enough to help you buy or own a business, simply call our customer service team. They'll only ask you to email us your notes from the program to make sure you actually went through the entire program and gave it a try.

We Are Witnessing "The Great Retirement" Wave Happening Right Now!

Do NOT Miss This Rare Opportunity and Special Offer!

Business Buying Accelerator

Now is the time for you to take action.

Brandon and I want to help you become your own boss in 2023.

We want you to reach your full potential.

To get started, fill out the form below and we’ll immediately give you access to everything we’ve promised here today.

Don’t waste any more time.

I’m only accepting 1% of my followers, so I expect the spots to be filled fast.

I hope you’ll be one of the lucky ones who gets in.

To your new future business owner,

Grant Cardone

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