The 10X Advisor Network:


My mentors helped me become successful. I became a 10X business and finance advisor. The only thing I do is business and finance.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s a place for physical, spiritual and psychological mentors in your life. I have them, myself.

That’s why I created the 10X Advisor Network.


Brandon Dawson is a scaling and turnaround expert, business leadership mentor, and serial entrepreneur whose mission is to help business owners, their families, and their teams achieve their personal, professional, and financial goals through the growth of their business.

He is the 10X Advisor for Grant Cardone’s 10X Business Buying Accelerator.

What is 10X Advisor Network?

Is it really some big mystery why most people have the same disappointments and average outcomes in life? Only half of Americans over working age have a job. 76% of all Americans live paycheck to paycheck right now. Why?

In reality, these are systemic problems that all stem from you listening to bad advisors. See, the problem isn’t that you need an advisor. The problem is you need the right advisor. You need a 10X Advisor.

Learning from the experiences and mistakes of other successful people is what everyday people need today. They need somebody that doesn't just give them advice on Instagram but that will actually spend time, energy and resources answering your questions, help you determine where you're at financially, what your blocking and stopping points are and zero-in on finding out what it is you want to commit to doing.

Trying to handle your business and your finances without a 10X Advisor it is the #1 financial mistake that people make at every level of the game. If you want to play at the top of the money game you need a 10X Advisor.

Everybody making the big money has got a 10X Advisor. All of the ones who are struggling do not.

The 10X Advisor Network gives everyday people access to 10X Advisors to enrich and help guide them to meet and exceed their dreams.

-Grant Cardone